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Ariseserver Managed AWS Direct Connect, maintain private connectivity surrounded by AWS Cloud Platform and Ariseserver Cloud Service environment, which afford a more unbroken combine undergo than Internet-based connections, abundant for moving rich volumes of broadcast and fixer sensitive applications, as amply as requirements where warranty dictates a non-internet facing connectivity option.

With AWS Direct Connect, customers will fend off the nation internet sire a cost intelligent, fancy performance sequence to relate into the AWS Cloud Platform.


PREDICTABLE: Guaranteed throughput, by the whole of consistently an arm and a leg quality meld performance

SIMPLIFIED: Reduce the complication of combine management by the whole of a single far-reaching relationship

SEAMLESS: Connect to the transcend public clouds and datacentres round our network – a well known site to thousand and one hubs

SECURE: Protect essay data at the same time enjoying dear network capability and valuable speeds


• Direct Connect Establishment (1GBPS OR 10GBPS) – Gbps and 10Gbps connections are shipped on dear AWS ports accessible to Ariseserver Cloud Service mutually Managed Hosting Services, Colocation Services & Managed Services.

• AWS Hosted Interconnect (50MBPS TO 500MBPS) – We can strive a incorporate to connect connectivity from easy make hosted on Ariseserver Cloud Services proclamation into the AWS Cloud platform. Services are scalable from 50Mbps appropriate 500Mbps Hosted Interconnect Port.

One Time AWS Server Setup


  • Application Installation

  • Services Configuration

  • Software Updates

  • Firewall Configuration

  • Server Migration

  • Expanded Technologies

  • PCI Audit

  • Performance Optimization

  • Advanced Security

Dedicated AWS Cloud Administrator


  • 5+ years of expertise in system administration

  • 54 Hours Weekly

  • Daily 9 Hours Work

  • Installing Upgrades and Fixations

  • Server Maintenance

  • Remote Troubleshooting Service

  • Software Updates

  • Performance Optimization

  • Advanced Security

Professional Server Management


  • Downtime SMS Alert

  • 24/7 Phone/Ticket/Chat Support

  • Service Monitoring

  • Server Migration

  • Server Maintenance

  • Expanded Technologies

  • PCI Audit

  • Software Updates

  • Performance Optimization

  • Advanced Security


Account Management

Reliam Customer Portal Access
Unlimited , Email & Chat Support 24x7x365

Security Management

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) : Paid
AWS Security Groups : Free
AWS Network Access Control Lists (ACL) : Paid under VPC
AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) : Free
Security Certifications & Compliance : Paid

Instance Management

Managed Backup : S10 paid after 5G
Operating System Security and Patches : depending on AMI
Operating System Management : under our management
Operating System Configuration and Tuning : under our management
Operating System Hardening : under our management

Monitoring Services

Instance Monitoring, AWS Basic : CloudWatch (paid)
Instance Monitoring, AWS Detailed : CloudWatch (paid)

Application Monitoring and Services

Database Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting : Paid under RDS
Application Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting : application monitoring means we can monitor website

Architecture Consulting : free
AWS Auto Scaling Management : paid
Application Server Management : under our management
Application and Database Performance Management : under our management
Database Administration : under our management
Performance Tuning : under our management