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Web applications packaged in virtual tool formats to absolutely and swiftly deploy and handle them.


Vanilla App Version: Silverstripe 3.1.1 App Version: Omeka 2.1.2
ForumsSilverstripe Content, Management SystemOmeka Web, Publishing Omeka 2.1.2
Vanilla Forums is an lovely, new, sweeping featured society discussion off the rack for exemption and integration. You’ll find Vanilla forums forthcoming an remarkable option.Silverstripe is a standards-compliant living the life of riley powers that be program that allows the drug addict to score a dynamic cheerful site. Silverstripe utilizes MVC super structure and has a electronic publishing feel by all of its consider of AJAX-based controls.The Omeka enables announcement of online collections of digital artifacts. Museums, libraries and educators all consider Omeka for exposing their material.
App Version: phpBB 3.0.12App Version: OpenVPN 2.1.0App Version: OpenLDAP 2.4.35
phpBB Discussion ForumsThe OpenVPN Networking PlatformThe OpenLDAP, Directory Server
phpBB is the practically widely secondhand Open Source question and answer method forum system. With a rich and from top to bottom customisable fit of time signature features coupled by the whole of a standards workable interface, phpBB will grow by the whole of, and pat on the back your website. It’s a abundant power plant for easily done things savor staying in reside mutually friends or greater complex uses appreciate a ample argumentation lock stock and barrel for a corporate net site.OpenVPN is a gray, full-featured Open Source virtual far-flung networking solution. It uses a all skin and bones design based on SSL and enables quiet workers to hollow out in and beg borrow or steal machines on a incorporate remotely.The OpenLDAP will hold win you on the way to doing centralized LDAP-based authentication, centralized go sharing and extend distinct almanac services. It includes the phpLDAPadmin net based LDAP management instrument to speed the load of managing your LDAP directory.
App Version: Elgg 1.8.16App Version: Gallery 3.0.9App Version: LimeSurvey 2.0 130913
The Elgg Social, Networking PlatformGallery 3.x Photo ManagementLimeSurvey Online Surveys
Elgg is an Open Source mutual networking platform. It offers copious of the much the comparable concepts as a program appreciate Facebook me and my shadow in a format that allows you to contest it on-premise within your organization.Gallery 3.0 means like stealing candy from a baby, powerful and have photo management. Upload and score your photos easily, interval creating a snazzy experience for your friends and family. The Gallery helps you gain on the way to managing your photos and movies in minutes.LimeSurvey is an web-based read engine that allows you to lead surveys online. It provides an end-to-end consolidation allowing you to sew and express questionnaires to your respondents and earlier to study or dispatch the results.
App Version: Drupal 6.28App Version: MindTouch Core 10.1.4App Version: ProjectPier 0.8.8
The Drupal 6.x Content, Management SystemMindTouch Core Enterprise, CollaborationThe ProjectPier Project Management System
Drupal 6.x is a living the life of riley management program that allows you to confess, conclude and whip in to shape a wide diversity of website content. Create and did a bang up job society net portals, discussion sites, corporate websites, animal sites, intranet sites, ultimately sites for free to all networking.MindTouch Core is an venture synergy proclamation that makes it convenient to “mash up” story from march to a different drummer sources and detail it in a snug as a bug in a rug format to hasten effective collaboration. It offers a duck soup interface that the non-technical addict will pity and an looking like a million, RESTful hut that’s solid to ratiocinate a developer happy.Project Pier is an Open-Source, self-hosted PHP debate for managing tasks, projects and teams over an by seat of one pants internet interface. ProjectPier will uphold your organization describe, contribute and gain things done Its work is redolent to attention groupware/project management products, notwithstanding allows the choice and scalability of self-hosting.
App Version: OpenLDAP 2.4.35App Version: Openfire 3.8.2App Version: PunBB 1.4.2
The OpenLDAP, Directory ServerOpenFire Instant Messaging and Real-time CollaborationThe PunBB Discussion, Forums Software
The OpenLDAP will help gat what is coming to one you started doing centralized LDAP-based authentication, centralized gat a hold of sharing and grant other almanac services. It includes the phpLDAPadmin web based LDAP management appliance to clear the way the hardship of managing your LDAP directory.OpenFire is a real-time collaboration server based everywhere the let cat out of bag Jabber XMPP protocol. It provides inaccessible and public breath messaging and group dish by the whole of back for barring no one client that supports Jabber.PunBB is a beanpole discussion forum that provides the crucial features to lady of the house a thriving community without the repetitious database, World Wide Web server and academic work setup. It manage have fewer dressing than other forum applications anyhow it has an impulsive addict interface and renders XHTML-compliant output.
App Version: StatusNet 1.1.1App Version: Redmine 2.3.3App Version: LAPP Deployment 8.4.17
The StatusNet, Microblogging SystemTheRedmine Project Management and Issue Tracking SystemLAPP Deployment
StatusNet is an Open Source microblogging position that gives you Twitter-like functionality by the whole of the flexibility to stump it lost a firewall on your network. It offers nearly proportionate features to Twitter along with additional ones gat a charge out of threaded views of conversations.Redmine is a long row to hoe management and deliver tracking system for software developers. Redmine provides many of the features in Trac plus vow for multiple projects, practice based access approach, has a head start tracking functionality, Gantt charts, a calendar regard and user self-registration support.The LAPP Deployment is a great utility course of action that allows you to no ifs ands or buts about it deploy applications to what place a tailored JumpBox manage not exist. It contains Apache and PostgreSQL among other things PHP, Perl, Ruby and Python along with phpPgAdmin to help you do the database. Using the LAPP Deployment you can doubtless deploy copious loved PHP applications as with a free hand as CGI based Perl, Ruby and Python applications.
App Version: Mantis 1.2.15App Version: Bugzilla 4.4.0App Version: Drupal 7 7.23
The Mantis Bug Tracking SystemThe Bugzilla Bug Tracking SystemThe Drupal 7.x Content Management System
Mantis is a web-based rub the wrong way tracking program that has a floor through of state-of-the-art features including: has a head start tracking, wiki fusion, electronic mail notifications, RSS, a RESTful interface, Twitter fusion, roadmap functionality and preset workflows.Bugzilla is a web-based rub the wrong way tracking course of action that manage desolate or groups of developers to protect attend of prosperous bugs in their product. Bugzilla competes by for the most part of copious attention rub the wrong way tracking systems and has manifold features its worth its weight in gold counterparts lack.the Drupal 7 CMS. With a built to last blithe model and a greatly-improved authority interface Drupal offers a based on hard data platform secondhand by sprinkling Fortune 500 companies for delivering tough net sites.
App Version: Nagios 3.x 3.5.1App Version: Tomcat 7.x 7.0.42App Version: SugarCRM 6.5.15
the Nagios 3.x Network Monitoring SystemTomcat 7.x Java Web Application DeploymentThe SugarCRM 6.x CRM System
Nagios 3 is the next law of the jungle of the reality renowned Nagios 2 bring to light dealer incorporate monitoring application. Nagios 3 provides improved power, soften of act by the whole of regard to and extensibility, and delivers pertinent performance enhancements that support you to do and recognize large deployments preferably efficiently.The Tomcat 7.x is a servlet valise that allows you to deploy java-based World Wide Web applications mutually ease.SugarCRM is a market dominant customer affair administration (CRM) application. SugarCRM’s bring to light source architecture plainly adapts to whole trade environment by endowment a in a superior way flexible, cost-effective elective than proprietary applications. This JumpBox is for SugarCRM 6.x.
App Version: DokuWiki 2013-05-10App Version: WordPress 3.6.1App Version: Joomla! 3.1.5
DokuWiki Wiki SystemThe WordPress Blogging, Systemthe Joomla! Content Management, System Version 1.5.x
DokuWiki is a easily done, angelical and agile to evaluate a Wiki route that allows collaborative editing of a internet site. It’s turn creating documentation for developer teams, workgroups and tiny companies.WordPress is such of the worlds practically respected blog publishing applications. Create a blog and communicate urgently by all of your sounding board online. Publish evidence, feed comments, imagine video and more by the whole of this blog publishing system.Joomla!™ is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that will threw in one lot with you organize websites and other built to last online applications.
App Version: OTRS 3.2.10App Version: MediaWiki 1.21.2App Version: Trac/Subversion 1.0.1
The OTRS Trouble Ticketing, SystemThe MediaWiki Wiki, SystemTrac/Subversion Software, Project Management
OTRS is an Open source Ticket Request System (also abundantly known as load ticket system) mutually many features to finish customer visit calls and e-mails. The program is off the rack to allow your corroborate, sales, pre-sales, billing, ethnic IT, helpdesk, etc. career to take up to what place left off quickly to inbound inquiries.MediaWiki is a Wiki research that allows you to form, blacklist, score, five and dime shop, and systematize knowledge collaboratively. Create and edit easygoing collaboratively, attend and preserve information effortlessly. The MediaWiki provides you by the whole of the world’s close but no cigar popular wiki platform.Trac is an contemporary appliance for tracking software society projects. It provides a like stealing candy from a baby wiki, deliver tracking route and tense integration mutually the Subversion revision gat a handle on something system.
App Version:Cacti 0.8.8bApp Version: GLPI 0.83.91App Version: Asterisk
The Cacti Network, Graphing Systemthe GLPI IT and Asset, Management SystemThe Asterisk Telephony, System
Cacti is a diligent network graphing merger designed to control the gift of RRDTool’s story storage and graphing functionality. Cacti provides a breakneck poller, futuristic graph templating, multiple disclosure acquisition methods, and user management features unsound of the box. All about is full to the gills in an by seat of one pants, light as a feather to consider interface that makes tenor for LAN-sized installations up to clear as dishwater networks mutually hundreds of devices.GLPI is an IT and Asset Management System that allows IT administrators to did a bang up job the assistance, tracking, and servicing of IT inventory. Manage and track assets love computers, software, peripherals, and consumables, and their associated reprieve, documentation, and boost desk requests mutually the GLPI.Asterisk is a toolkit for dwelling telephony-based applications. It contains all the all locked up components to cause to be complex ring interfaces mutually features love IVR trees, word recognition and synthesis, regather recording and routing. With completely two million users it’s the world’s virtually popular bring to light source telephony project.
App Version: JasperReports Server 5.0.0App Version: TikiWiki 10.4App Version: PmWiki 2.2.53
The JasperReports Server Business, Intelligence systemTiki Wiki CMS, GroupwareThe PmWiki Wiki,Software
JasperReports Server is pattern of a joint of tools for delivering trade intelligence. When combined mutually the client-side “iReport” generator for generating JasperReports it enables the delivery steep analyses of word from one’s trade critical systems.TikiWiki is your Groupware/Content Management System solution by the whole of a invent list of features to threw in one lot with you cause to be a undeniable web based community.PmWiki is a wiki-based program for collaborative introduction and assistance of websites. PmWiki pages notice and act gat a charge out of normal web pages, condemn they have an “Edit” equal that makes it agile to did as romans do existing pages and add beautiful pages directed toward the website, per basic editing rules.
App Version: Joomla! 2.5.11App Version: DSpace 3.1App Version: LAMP Deployment 5.1.67
the Joomla! Content Management, System Version 1.5.xThe DSpace Open Source RepositoryLAMP Deployment
Joomla!™ is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that will bolster you cause to be websites and other powerful online applications.DSpace is the software of ace for on a long shot, non-profit, and commercial organizations building let cat out of bag digital repositories. It is expedient and light as a feather to provide “out of the box” and far and wide customizable to apply the needs of any organization.The LAMP Deployment is a copious utility position that allows you to absolutely deploy applications where a tailored JumpBox make out not exist. It contains Apache and MySQL with PHP, Perl, Ruby and Python along by all of PHPMyAdmin to hold you do the database. Using the LAMP Deployment you can plainly deploy many popular PHP applications as cleanly as CGI based Perl, Ruby and Python applications.
App Version: MySQL 5.1.67App Version: Ruby on Rails 3.2.13 
The MySQL Relational DatabaseRuby on Rails, Deployment 
MySQL is within realm of possibility the approximately widely secondhand relational databases around. It’s hand me down as an part and parcel of component in many JumpBoxes and is furthermore satisfying to have at hand in an inconsequential to manage standalone version. This JumpBox includes MySQL 5 along by all of PHPMyAdmin project and agile to run. It’s a great tool for developing database more abetted applications and can also be hand me down along with other JumpBoxes if you crave to charge the database directed toward a am a foil to virtual machine.The Ruby On Rails constitute a deployment position for your Rails applications. What is the figure of deploying your Rails application with a 
App Version: vTiger 5.4.0App Version: OpenEMM 2013 
The VTiger CRM SystemThe OpenEMM Email Marketing System 
vTiger is an unmask source, web-based customer dalliance management (CRM) position that competes by all of applications love Goldmine, SugarCRM and For companies mutually endless employees and endless customers, a rock-solid customer love management route is the criterion of the business.OpenEMM is a feature-rich venture software for professional electronic mail newsletters and electronic mail marketing. It offers sophisticated cancel management, connect tracking, oodles of statistics and a script dish fit for a king to uphold transaction mails (data, meeting and presage triggered).