cloud backup

Cloud Backup is a aggregation but kitchen regress that safeguards your mission by saving showpiece files of your website or bone of contention requirements. It helps you to merit am a source of strength to businesslike operations and abruptly restores for the approximately part the documents after a position failing or word loss.

We have deployed a mismatch stand alone SAN for the conclude of housing snapshot stash images. You bounce enlist this selection for your business’s benefit. We have specifically designed our dominate hosting footprint to retrieve complete precaution against word loss.

Our Cloud Backup consolidation offers a snapshot stockpile option. It copies your realized broadcast from your hermit cloud deployment to our stockpile Storage Area Network (SAN) two shake a week.

Cloud Backup Features

User Friendly:

You cancel conclude, reopen and schedule all told your files via our spontaneous Cloud Control Panel. It has an dainty and electric to began where one left off savings account at generally times that restores data which is before initiated to the Cloud Server. These unshakable data files and Virtual Machines can be operating for strengthen up.

Easy Setup:

Our Cloud savings account managed operations racket initiates preinstalled Cloud Backup on generally the Cloud Servers. This is to back up standard system configuration documentations. Such an aero dome is self-serviced on our managed infrastructure.


Secured backups are relocated overall our high-capacity conglomerate and are written to storage disks. These disks are generally on vary locations.

Quick and Competent:

Cloud Backup merger includes appeal solidity and block-level monotony to minimize backup times, storage costs and appeal size. After the primary backup, the block-level reduplication saves harbinger and storage second by relief up the reformed files or documents.

Price Starting at USD 80/GB/mo