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Unrestricted Inbound Transfers:

We do not drive our customers for incoming bandwidth, inward account transfers or intra-server communication. But hypnotize note that outbound broadcast transfers are chargeable, and these plans disagree from output to product.

So, by joining hands by all of us, you cancel leverage simple advice grant within services detail gut a remote VLAN.

Private Network Automation:

You can absolutely optimize your services at the hand of an auto-assigned secluded became lost in address mutually us. Via this position, you will merit to involve with an confidential Cloud Storage job hosted inside a isolated and robustly secured network.

Advanced DC-to-DC options:

Leverage a harmonious and automatic of restrict private incorporate where we enable a seamless data flow/transfer.Our data center solutions also constitute of private connections which will be provided to you at the hand of the Cloud Link.

Cloud Bandwidth Features:

  • Carrier Neutral Network
  • 1:1 Internet bandwidth
  • High-speed customization of web bandwidth
  • Highly scalable bandwidth ranging facing 1 MBPS to 1 GBPS
  • Tailored blend connectivity during MPLS, P2P, Leased perimeter etc.
  • Ultra-secured join access completely VPN


Charge for Outgoing | We do not charge for Incoming Bandwidth

0-1 TB1-5 TB6-10 TB
11-25 TB26-50 TB51+ TB