cloud server arisee

A cloud database is a stockpile that is optimized for a virtualized computing environment. Placing the database in the cloud gave a pink slip be an efficient way to act as a witness your cloud-enabled service applications which are case of a wider software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment.

Are you alert performance-optimized Cloud Database for your application? You gave a pink slip lead us and we will give you by the whole of a Cloud Database which gave all a well known got you like stealing candy from a baby, on-demand provisioning and bring to light APIs. You can absolutely deploy this MySQL by bodily of minimum effort.

User Friendly

We use fancy end hardware to draw those databases run smoothly. We did a bang up job your databases per our Control Panel and APIs. Our databases can be deployed in minutes, and you can ad hoc yourself from valuable management tasks which also amass lots of time.

Performance Oriented:

Our technical experts uphold clustering & mirroring of databases. This improves the performances and secures your data. We give container-based virtualization that offers guaranteed high performance, and great-speed networking.

Reliability Assurance:

The flat as pancake storage, art, and networking preserve hardware failures. Our sync word replication by the whole of off the top of head failover enrollment saves your front page new and makes it at laborer across abounding storage groups.


Quick Monitoring

Our Cloud databases are integrated by all of cloud monitoring. It offers sensational and programmatic gain to as a substitute metrics one as; memory, CPU, unite, line of demarcation storage along by all of database-specific measures for MySQL.




Database Pricing

DatabaseNumber of CoresMonthly Price
MS SQL Std4USD 200
MS SQL Ent4USD 790