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Managed dominate hosting is popularly supported as managed dominate computing. It is a dim computing solution that accesses and shares resources across a solitary network using endless servers facing another location. These resources are databases, software tools, hardware tools.

The main expansion of a managed cloud hosting is meticulous security and uninterrupted availability. Managed dominate hosting is deployed in the comprise of monthly contracts to the businesses. Servers are purchased in slices or as virtual servers in managed darken hosting. It helps the enterprises to contest the current apps for the longer time.

Features of Our Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud generally represents a dependable infrastructure. That is for that cause we assay a trusted set-up and uphold high-performance.

Designed for Scalability

Our managed darken is especially designed to equal all your avocation requirements. Our professional experts function closely by all of you what is coming to one from the start. You have painstaking liberty to climb your website by the whole of the incipient user base.

Warning and Monitoring Performances

We try customized monitoring to back your workloads deteriorate peak performance. Our experts offer electric response and brisk resolution alerts in your bedim environment.

Actions and Administration

Management of production workloads across multiple deployment models needs sweeping technical expertise. Our engineers maintain you to employ your cloud environment. Hence, you bargaining chip services that are affordable and guarantee steep performance levels.

Cloud Managed Specifications and Type

Network SecuritySoftware Installation and Configuration
Server Port Monitoring (Number of Ports)Patch Updates
Server Resources MonitoringWebsite/FTP Services Set Up
24×7 Monitoring, Notification & ResponseTrojan, Anti-Spyware and Other Protection
Remote Reboot 
OS Reload24/7/365 Telephone Support/Ticket Support
System and Logs Monitoring with AlertsSystem Administrative Services (Monthly)
Security and Threat AlertsOn Demand Server Security, Health, Assessment
 Clustering Service Management
Dedicated Account ManagerLoad Balancer Management
Software Firewall ManagementOnline Bandwidth Monitoring Tool
Server Anti-Virus ProtectionHardware Replacement TAT


Cloud Management
OS ManagementOS Installation , Patch Updates and other basic tasks for Linux and Windows.. 


DB ManagementMySQL and MSSQL DB Management.. 


Remote Hand ServiceHDD Installation , Cabling , Patching , Memory Upgrade and other services up to 5 hours per month.. 


Email ManagementManagement of Zimbra, Exchange , Qmail , or any open source email server including services like Anti-Spam and Virus or management of SMTP, IMAP, POP , user support .. 


Network ManagementMonitoring of all essential services on server and bandwidth management .. 


Hypervisor ManagementVirtual Machines management and Hypervisor Support for Hyper-V , Xen, KVM ..