Manages all sort of Ovirt issues with Multi gifted Staff. Ovirt, the primary really open and far reaching server farm virtualization administration activity, gives a scene to client and designer participation.

The heart of the venture is the open source code of Ovirt, and the group is represented straightforwardly, demonstrated after the Apache Foundation, Eclipse, LVM, and numerous other well working Linux people group. So what are you sitting tight for, Drop an email to and get your VMware secured!

Support Features

  • Unlimited Admin Work
  • Within 1 Hour Response Time Guarantee for Support Tickets
  • Within 28 Hour Resolution Time Guarantee for Support Tickets
    Certified Technicians Managing Your Servers
  • No Refund

    Additional Clustered Server will be Charged $70/Monthly

Core Server Management

  • Installation and Configuring Ovirt Server
  • Basic Ovirt Server Management
  • Start, Stop and View Virtual Machines
  • Setup Open Source Linux Based VMS
  • Third Party Open Source Installations (LAMP, FFMPEG, Red5 and Service Optimizations)
  • Disk Management
  • Network Configuration
  • Storage Management
  • Migration Support
  • Cluster Setup and Fail-over Solutions
  • Log Analysis and Monitoring
  • Systems Upgrade



  • Unlimited Support Tickets

  • 24x7 Server Monitoring & Response

  • Server Security

  • Master and Slave virtualizor servers Setup

  • Managing and Monitoring VPS Resources

  • LVM setup and configuration

  • Supported slaves Openvz, Xen and KVM

  • automated deployment of VMs

  • Network bridging with natting

  • Master server management

  • Slave server management

  • VPS backup & restoration

  • VPS creation, customization and reboots

  • WHMCS integration enabled

  • VM’s advance security installations