Our Public Cloud Hosting Solutions for your websites and applications

We closely what one is in to with your function to action strategies and maintain with each trend of your decision-making and leave in the shade deployment. Our public leave in the shade services approach strict stake and reconciliation guidelines to confront security threats.

Take a nimble glance at the time signature benefits of our public cloud hosting.


Expandable bandwidth and flexible storage expertise solutions support managing peak loads and gives faster lead to market.


Our concerned experts fully win your IT multitude, which allow your IT teams to gather on other related projects.


Backed with multi-redundant broadcast centers and world-class technology, we prove 100% meld uptime for your websites and confirmed CPU performance.

VM Templates:

Hundreds of pre-configured and law of the land based VM templates are accessible to recommend from. Ready to start VM templates back in creating dim server with utmost freedom and saves your precious harbinger and cost of installation.

24x7x365 Support:

Our bedim technology experts are available overall the clock to plug you healthy solutions. You can win us for various modes of information technology, i.e. Call contend, Email support, or Chat support.

Public Cloud Feature

•  Managed Services and Support
•  Scale up full servers on-demand
•  Usage based billing negotiate for what you use
•  Scale storage by and of itself of compute
•  Paused VMs uphold machine arrangement without compute charges
•  Use predefined full court press class templates to build or customize
•  Does not share storage, security, or computing by the whole of other non- dominate solutions or configurations
•  Rapid budget and server provisioning
•  Lower cost Storage
•  Additional cost cache as a verify of valuable performance VMs that limit fewer computing resources
•  API and Customer Portal Access
•  Automated Server Snapshots
• Fully Redundant network
• Redundant Scale storage

Public Cloud Hosting Plan for Month 
CPU Priority%:1
Disk Size (GB):1
IP Address:1
Memory (MB):128
Port Speed (MBPS):1
Data Sent(GB):1
Data Received(GB):1
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Public Cloud Product
•     Cloud Servers
•     Cloud Managed
•     Cloud Storage
•     Cloud Load Balancers
•     Cloud Backup
•     Cloud Database
•     Cloud Bandwidth
•     Cloud Apps