XenServer is the main open source virtualization stage, fueled by the Xen hypervisor. It is utilized as a part of the world’s biggest mists and endeavors. 24×7 server bolster gives you a definitive administration and specialized support for XenServer.

XenServer is a completely open source item. This qualifies clients for get specialized help with the establishment, support and maintainence of their XenServer establishments from an exceptionally prepared, proficient care staff while as yet exploiting the Citrix open source XenServer people group.


Operating Systems

• CentOS
• Debian
• Ubuntu

VPS Operations

• VPS Create/Delete/Reload OS
• VPS Start/Stop/Reboot
• VPS Backup Configuration
• VPS Restorations
• VPS Action Logs
• IP Management
• VPS Resources Management

Backup and Restore

• VPS Backup Configuration
• Restore VPS Backups
• VPS Node Optimization*
• VPS Transfer

Xen/KVM management

• Managing All VMs
• Applying Updates and Patches
• Kernel Upgrades
• Template Installations and Configurations
• Service Optimizations
• Managing and Monitoring VPS Resources
• Managing VPS Templates
• Managing Hardware Node

VPS Node Optimization

• Operating System Optimization
• Hard disk Optimization
• Kernel Optimization (sysctl.conf)
• Binary Striping
• Disk I/O Optimization
• CPU Cycles Management
• Memory Optimization