cloud server

Cloud servers are virtual servers which run on cloud computing environment. Very regular Cloud Servers are mentioned as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). A eclipse server runs as software-independent unit. It approach a depart in the dusk server has all told the software it requires to run and does not weigh on barring nothing centrally-installed software.

In compact number respects darken servers contest in the same process as temporal servers. The functions they assay are indeed different. A addict opting for a disguised hosting is renting a virtual server space in a superior way than purchasing bland servers. They often complete by the hour and it collect the indentured upon capability at diligent particular time.

Pay as you want : You are established to manage for the staple which you use. We strive hourly billing system.

Complete Control : Our outweigh servers are controlled over the instances which are normal on your custom-made account.

Elasticity : Our cloud servers are scalable and we have enabled complete flexibility on your Cloud instances. You can mount your dwarf directly and when you require.

Secure Content Delivery : Our darken platform guarantees and protects your customers’ unruffled and helps them to anticipate their own unruffled delivery policies.

Cloud Server Business RequirementCloud computing is buzzing in the IT continuance these days. As a cream cloud server hosting provider, we perpetually aim to cut fund your IT expenditure. Cloud computing is en route up as an sane way of managing portent systems. All wealth businesses are pinning their hopes on this new-age revolution.




Plan For Cloud

Cloud Server Plan For INDIACPURAMStorageIPSData TransferMonthly Price in USDBuy
Value Basic1 CPU1 GB50 GB1 IP50 GB$50Configure
Value Standard2 CPU2 GB100 GB2 IP100 GB$70Configure
Value PRO3 CPU3 GB150 GB2 IP200 GB$95Configure
Business Basic4 CPU4 GB200 GB2 IP400 GB$120Configure
Business Standard5 CPU8 GB250 GB2 IP800 GB$150Configure
Business PRO6 CPU12 GB300 GB2 IP1600 GB$195Configure
Enterprise Basic7 CPU16 GB350 GB2 IP3200 GB$265Configure
Enterprise Standard8 CPU24 GB400 GB2 IP6400 GB$300Configure
Enterprise PRO9 CPU32 GB450 GB2 IP12,600 GB$370Configure