GENERAL OVERVIEW:  –  This is our Service Level Agreement (“SLA”), an agreement between Arise Server Hosting and its customer for the provisioning of cloud servers and web hosting services needed to build your site and sustain your products or services.This Agreement will be valid until Arise Server makes a revised agreement jointly validated by the stakeholders. This Agreement outlines the parameters of all hosting services offered Arise Server to its customers.

1. SERVICE DESCRIPTION: – The SLA embodies all the terms and conditions within which Arise Server will deliver all the services to its customer, including facilities, equipment, bandwidth, managed services and professional services.

The specific services that are to be provided by Arise Server are mentioned in the order Form(s) applicable to this Agreement. We will ensure to provide our customers with services and/or products as mentioned in the order form.

2. SERVICE SCOPE : – This SLA covers all the services provided by Arise Serverand requested by the Customers. If in case any of the terms set forth herein are applicable to a specific service that is not ordered by Customer, then they can forward written notice of the disputed Service to us at Arise Server. We ensure that such terms are not implied to the customer until disputed service is mutually agreed by both the parties. If you fail to send a written notice within 30 days, it will automatically imply that the customer has approved the price and service.

3. TERM : – (a) Term Commencement.

As indicated in the invoice raised to the customer, the term of the service or product will begin on the Service Commencement Date.

(b) Term Renewal

When the first contract expires, it will be renewed for another term alike the initial term as indicated on the Order Form.

4. FEES AND PAYMENT : – The customers of Arise Server will pay all fees due as per the rates and terms mentioned in the order form: Annex “B”. The prices mentioned in the order will remain effective unless both the parties agree to make any changes.

(b) Payment Terms.

The customer will be billed for all non-recurring charges for each service as mentioned in the Annex “B”on the Service Commencement Date. There will be monthly recurring charges for all the other months and will be billed in prior to the delivery of the services.

All the other charges for additional services received and expenses for Professional Services during a month will be billed at the end of the same month. The payments for all services is to be paid upon receipt of each invoice from Arise Server. Take note that the payments are to be made in US Dollars.

(c) Taxes.

Take note that all the fees charged by Arise Server for its services do not include the sales and use taxes and other similar charges, The Customer will have to pay these taxes in addition to the services cost.

Our services include:

Domains & SSL Certificates

Web Hosting

Cloud Server & Services

Dedicated Servers

Servers and Cloud Management

Business Email – office 365

Arise Server’s SLA is substantial for enrolled organizations. Private clients must demand adherence to SLA after requesting of Arise Server’s administrations. This SLA reaches out to direct customers as it were. Arise is not subject for downtime brought about by an affiliate of its administrations. All credits will be connected to future charging cycles, and are non-transferrable in any capacity. Client accounts that are not on favorable terms, or have not been on favorable terms inside a 12-month time span before blackout is not qualified for SLA credits. Clients who are infringing upon TOS are not qualified for SLA credits.

Clients must make ask for with Arise Server’s client benefit office. All cases must be made inside seven (7) days of the system downtime. SLA credits can take up to two business weeks to approve and be presented on the client’s record. These credits must be asserted by the approved client; every single other claim will be denied. SLA credits can’t be stacked.

This SLA does not cover working framework reloads, equipment of the server, any type of equipment reconfiguration, any disappointment outside of the system itself (counting data transfer capacity transporter blackouts), disappointments brought on by assaults toward client benefit, and planned support of Arise’s system. Also, wild occasions, including yet not constrained to climate, catastrophic events, war, and different occasions outside of the control of Arise are not qualified for SLA credits.

The Arise SLA is liable to change or modification without notice.

ABOUT REFUND : – We do not allow refund any services like (Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, VPS Server, Web Hosting, Business Mail), Because we provide truly services to our customer as customer requirement. If your requirement more you can discussed first before buy services, after buy services you want change it will chargeable for anyone (New customer or old customer)